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By Jim Jordal

Bullies of all kinds are much in the news these days as our society faces an ever-present but evidently increasing phenomenon. With the advent of social media what used to be a slur followed by a fist fight is now a virtual epidemic of character assassination by those too young to be held legally accountable. Everyone decries bullying but no one seems to have a viable option to stop it at all levels.


The poor are victims of bullies just as well as other people. If your definition of bullying is taking advantage of someone’s weaker or more vulnerable position to demean or even physically harm them, then by any measure the poor are perhaps our most numerous victims.




Before you go to the Great Minnesota Get-Together and talk to candidates and legislators, please watch this short video and join the Minnesota Church Ladies on their mission.  Using their trademark humor, they give important pointers on how to approach our elected officials.


"Capitol Capers for Our Kids" is the fourth video in the Enough for All Video Series, starring the Minnesota Church Ladies and produced by A Minnesota Without Poverty.


The year is 2020. A child speaks: "Grandma, tell us the story of how you and your friends became famous and ended poverty." So, we listen in as she recounts how the Minnesota Church Ladies decided to use their new-found "celebrity" to help end poverty in Minnesota-how they went to the capitol, with their hot dishes, to meet with two legislators who had been leaders on the Legislative Commission to End Poverty in Minnesota by 2020.  Their mission: to reinvigorate the Commission's report and the recommendations! Only problem: How do you find a legislator? Follow them on their mission.

The Minnesota Church Ladies: Ahna Brandvik, Yolanda Cotterall, Greta Grosch, Kathleen Hardy, Janet Paone

Special Guest Appearances: Senator John Marty and Representative Morrie Lanning


A conversation guide to accompany all four of the videos will soon be available. Watch for the announcement.

By Jim Jordal

Most Americans grossly underestimate both the incidence and the seriousness of unequal and inequitable wealth distribution in the United States. They seem not to know or even care that our democratic society is rapidly degenerating into a plutocracy ruled by the super rich at the expense of everyone else. This is an unprecedented political disaster because even the most elementary political texts tell us that democracy depends on an enlightened electorate for its continued success.

Annual income disparity is now at levels not seen since the Roaring Twenties almost 100 years ago and the Gilded Age over a century ago. And the distribution of total wealth is even more unequal. I clearly remember a comment in the economics textbook I formerly used: Under extreme laissez-faire (hands off, no regulation) economics, "the rich man’s dog will drink the milk the poor man’s child needs to survive." That’s what’s happening in the U.S. as the rich get obscenely richer and the poor get dramatically poorer.

So what’s gone wrong? Among other things, it’s a shameful apathy among those Americans seduced by a craze for money, possessions, and entertainment into a state of non-involvement with anything except their own pleasure. Their comment might well be "don’t bore me with unpleasant truth; I don’t want to hear it."

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15% of the children 18 and under are experiencing poverty in Minnesota.
The poor have so much to offer the world. We know how to survive lack and unfairness in the under-ground economy of care, hospitality, creative generosity, and socio-emotional intelligence. So many human beings have forgotten these things. We can help them remember.
Julia Dinsmore, poet, singer, author, community capacity builder
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