First of all, poverty is just too expensive!
Poverty is expensive for those who are trapped in it, as well as for everyone else. As the Legislative Commission to End Poverty report states, “Failing to address poverty has diminished the economic viability of the state, with negative consequences for all Minnesotans. To allow poverty to continue is to rob our state of the talent, skills, and contributions our economy and communities need.” (LCEP Report, page 11) Ending poverty will benefit all Minnesotans, our communities and our state as a whole.

Second, ending poverty is the right, compassionate, and faithful thing to do.

According to 2008 census report, over 491,000 Minnesotans were living in poverty; over 141,000 of them were children. When 2010 census reports are made public in September we know these numbers will show a disturbing increase. Poverty diminishes us all, and reversing the cycle of poverty is the responsibility and opportunity for all those whose lives are based on values and/or faith. Whatever the guiding principles may be in our lives, we can agree that no one should grow up in poverty.